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Industrial businesses make extensive use of blowers. Some of the simplest industrial blowers are ventilation and exhaust fans. These helpful tools are used to clear workplaces of unpleasant or harmful fumes that can be hazardous to workers. These tools bring workplaces into compliance with labor and worker safety laws as well as contribute to improved worker comfort and safety. Those improvements often yield increased efficiency, output and product quality.

Pneumatic conveying is a very popular alternative to belt conveying. Pneumatic conveyors utilize closed tubes through which powdered or granulated materials are forced by pressurized air. Air blowers are used to create this pressurized air flow, which carries the material from one point to another.

Because there is such a wide and varied need for blowers throughout industry, manufacturers have created many different blower configurations to accommodate them. Simple axial fans are among the most common varieties, and they are often used as ventilation and exhaust fans. Radial blowers, like centrifugal and regenerative blowers, are used for more heavy-duty and demanding applications. They are usually capable of producing more forceful streams of air, and they also tend to be more complicated and expensive. These are just a few of the many varieties of blowers that industry uses.

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