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Industrial air blowers provide a sizable flow of air or gas to various industrial processes. They are electric fans with wheels and blades that can move a precise amount of gas or air from one location to another. Industrial blowers have established themselves as crucial machinery created, set up, and employed for various work efficiency goals. Industrial blowers improve airflow and eliminate dust, dirt, and particulate matter pollutants. Centrifugal and axial blowers are the two categories that make up the classification of industrial blowers depending on the airflow direction. Axial blowers use axial movement, whereas centrifugal blowers use centrifugal flow and thrust. Read More…

Industrial Blowers Industrial blowers are air blowers that move air on an industrial scale. There are many reasons why air needs to be moved in industrial settings. Chief among these reasons is the need for ventilation of workspaces, offices and other enclosures. Industrial blowers are characterized by their ability to effectively move air in a way that suits an industrial setting.
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Syracuse, NY  |  888-293-7434

Since 1991, National Turbine Corporation has been a blower manufacturer, bringing you quality multi stage blowers for use in industrial applications.

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Rhinelander, WI  |  715-365-3267

#1 Most Reliable Fan Manufacturer. Thousands of customers depend on AirPro fans to keep their operations going, and that's why we build the highest quality fans, prioritize on-time delivery, and offer a 3-year warranty on all products! Founded in 2002, AirPro is privately held and 100% Employee-Owned. With headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, we offer centrifugal fans for process air applications in North America and around the world.

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Willowbrook, IL  |  800-208-7918

Since 1889, The New York Blower Company (nyb) has been a turn-key provider of catalog and custom fans, blowers and ventilation systems. We provide the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, repair and rebuild of nyb and competitor products. We are constantly expanding, with a worldwide presence of over 200 representatives, and the opening of our fifth manufacturing facility in the US in 2022. Visit us at to request more information today

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Minneapolis, MN  |  763-551-7500

Aerovent has been designing and manufacturing blowers since 1932. We are dedicated to creating high-quality, innovative products for our customers. We are dedicated to advancing our company and creating innovative strategies and solutions. We strive to continue growing our business while improving our products and technology.

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Grundy, VA  |  866-780-7125

Paul&aposs Fan Company is a blower manufacturer based in Virginia. Since 1958 we have been building and installing over 5,000 custom ventilation systems. With our years of experience, our customers know that our products are of high quality.

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East Syracuse, NY  |  315-451-5410

We offer many different sizes of air blowers for your convenience of choice. All of our models come standard with spark resistant, aluminum propellers and open drip proof motors. We also offer the options of having totally enclosed (TEFC or TENV) motors. All of our air blowers are manufactured using heavy duty steel gauge components. Our air blowers can help provide general ventilation for almost any room type or area. Call today to receive more information on how to get started today!

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Types of Industrial Blowers

Centurion Series Industrial Blower

Axial Industry Air Blowers

Positive and negative pressure is created around the blades of axial industrial blowers, resulting in airflow. The fan blades are positioned vertically and inclined to account for atmospheric pressure variations. An axial blower forces the air to travel in an axially parallel direction to the shaft around which the rotating blades are mounted. The air pressure difference that leads to continuous airflow is produced by this design. The quantity and design of an axial fan's blades affect its performance.

Tube Axial Blower

Centrifugal Industrial Air Blowers

Centrifugal industrial blowers are the most often employed type of industrial blower found in ventilation systems due to their potential to move gas and air and block air contaminants continually. The speed and volume of the air are gradually raised as it passes through a set of rotating impellers. As more air is drawn, the fan wheel changes direction and quickens. As a result, the blower's kinetic energy rises as more air is introduced.

Centrifugal Industrial Blower

Regenerative Industrial Air Blowers

High-flow, low-pressure compressed air blowers are another name for regenerative industrial air blowers. They create a vacuum or a quick flow of compressed air at low pressure. Compressed air moves throughout the housing, creating pressure. The air circulates once in a single-stage blower and twice in a two-stage blower. Regenerative blowers produce higher pressure with two stages.

Single Stage Regenerative Industrial Blower

Vapor Recovery Industrial Blowers

Industrial centrifugal blowers, known as vapor recovery industrial blowers, gather gas and fuel vapors so they don't escape and enter the atmosphere. When poisonous, explosive, or flammable vapors are present, this type of industrial blower may be mandated by law as gasoline storage tanks are full and pressure increases. Vapor recovery industrial blowers remove the pressure-related vapors and send them to be converted to natural gas or burned off.

Positive Displacement Industrial Blowers

Positive displacement industrial blowers, referred to as lobe blowers, release air using a safety valve at a predetermined time, pressure, velocity, and direction. The two counter rotating propellers in the system give rise to the moniker "lobe blower." The blower's outlet and chamber are both filled with air. The blower can maintain constant airflow and pressure thanks to this design.

Positive Displacement Blowers

Applications of Industrial Blowers

  • Because they use revolving blades to transport air from one spot to another, cooling industrial fans are also known as fluid displacers. Cooling fans, also known as industrial cooling blowers, are designed to draw in cold air and push out the heated air. A specifically made blower is needed to perform the complex tasks of drawing in cool air and expelling hot air. Cooling fans can move enormous quantities of air at low pressure because of their wider diameter. The motor, rotor shaft, impellers, casing, and mountings of cooling industrial blowers are the same as those of other units, but this attribute makes it unique.
  • Chemicals, smoke, and fumes from various industrial activities must be eliminated from the air. Scrubbers or sites of emission remove the fumes and other impurities. Typically, a blower and fan system are used to do this. Industrial blowers for fume removal are a component of a larger system with a large-capacity filtration system. The system's 99% effectiveness ensures that all noxious odors, pollutants, and gas emissions have been eliminated.
  • Parts that need to be painted typically undergo some cooling and cleaning procedure during production, which may involve water, dust specks, granules, or other abrasive materials. An industrial blower provides the vigorous application of air streams necessary to clear the particulate matter before the pieces may be painted. In addition, industrial blowers have enough force and power to remove matter that builds up on parts before painting or water vapor from cooling operations. Pressure blowers are manufactured specifically for this use to get the required pressure and drive to remove and clean parts.
  • Industrial blowers remove and filter paint fumes and vapors from small, enclosed workshops where they build up and pollute the air. Industrial exhaust blowers must be spark-resistant because some of the chemicals used in these applications may be combustible. In addition, paint, lacquer, and varnish accumulation can be explosive and dangerous. For these circumstances, spark-resistant blowers are often constructed with specially designed aluminum impellers.

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Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal Blowers

A centrifugal blower is an air moving device that uses an impeller to pull air into a tube like structure and release it at a 90o angle. The impeller is a set of blades inside the blower that rotates at a high rate to pressurize and move air...

Industrial Blowers

Industrial Blowers

An industrial blower is a device that enhances the air flow in a workspace effectively and efficiently using an electric motor, impeller, and airfoils. The purpose and function of industrial blowers is to be a permanent addition to a workspace to increase airflow and...

Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans

An industrial fan is a highly efficient, heavy duty air flow device that is constructed from exceptionally durable materials and components to withstand stringent environments and operate longer to provide constant air flow and pressure. The strength of industrial fans is due to the materials used...

Air Compressors

Air Compressors

An industrial air compressor is a mechanical device used to generate pressure in compressible fluids or gases. The most common being air. A variety of compressors are used in the industry to provide functions such as...

Air Filters

Air Filters

Air filters are devices used to remove airborne particles, pollutants, and microorganisms hazardous to health and the ecosystem. In industrial facilities, air filters preserve the quality of products and materials and protect critical equipment from damage...

HEPA Air Filters

HEPA Air Filters

A HEPA filter is a high efficiency pleated air filter capable of capturing extremely small particulate matter down to particles that are the size of a micron (µ), or a micrometer, which is 1/1000th of a meter...

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