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Industrial fans are motorized devices that produce a large flow of air by rotating their blades. This airflow is done by the motor or turbine turning several blades attached to a hub and shaft. Industrial fans can be used for various purposes, such as cooling big commercial buildings and technical production lines. In addition, air circulation and flow are essential for worker health and application efficiency, regardless of workplace size. Read More…

Industrial Fans Industrial fans are air blowers that move and direct air. An industrial fan can be used in applications in every industry. Sports teams use large fans to stay cool during games.

Since 1991, National Turbine Corporation has been a blower manufacturer, bringing you quality multi stage blowers for use in industrial applications.

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#1 Most Reliable Fan Manufacturer. Thousands of customers depend on AirPro fans to keep their operations going, and that's why we build the highest quality fans, prioritize on-time delivery, and offer a 3-year warranty on all products! Founded in 2002, AirPro is privately held and 100% Employee-Owned. With headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, we offer centrifugal...

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Since 1889, The New York Blower Company (nyb) has been a turn-key provider of catalog and custom fans, blowers and ventilation systems. We provide the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, repair and rebuild of nyb and competitor products. We are constantly expanding, with a worldwide presence of over 200 representatives, and the opening of our fifth manufacturing facility in the US in ...

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At Kooltronic, we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer specializing in a comprehensive array of blowers tailored to meet various industrial requirements. Our expansive product line encompasses high-pressure air blowers, centrifugal blowers, impeller blowers, and high-pressure radial blowers, showcasing our proficiency and versatility in the field.

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Republic Manufacturing offers industries a wide array of air moving solutions. Currently, our product range includes blowers, vacuum pumps, compressors, air knives, motors, and systems. While many products are available for immediate shipment, Republic's in-house staff of engineers can design custom options to meet specifications necessary utilizing state-of-the-art software and machinery. We...

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If you are looking for a solution solving industrial blower supplier, look to Hartzell Air Movement. We have been an industrial blower manufacturer for 75 years & carry products such as air blowers, exhaust fans, industrial fans, centrifugal blowers & high velocity fans for the air moving community. At Hartzell, our mission is to provide high quality & reliable industrial air moving equipment &...

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Types of Industrial Fans

Inline Duct Fans

Inline duct fans are the more potent of the two types of duct fans and are intended to take heat and humidity out of growing tents and rooms. They are made to ventilate and cool vast amounts of space. For the highest efficiency, inline duct fans must be powered by an electrically commutated (EC) motor and used with flexible tubing, silencers, and carbon filters. They can function in places with high static pressure because of their mixed flow impeller, which also helps to reduce noise. They are positioned near the end of a lengthy duct run to help an air conditioning system.

inline duct fan

Forward Curved Fans/Squirrel Cage Fans

Squirrel cage fans, also known as forward-curved fans, are employed in low to medium static applications and in home and light commercial HVAC systems. High-velocity air is converted by the housing of a forward-curved impeller, leaving the impeller blade tips with a static force of lower velocity to direct the airflow to the exit. It might have a housing design known as scroll, volute, or sirocco. A forward curving blower is an impeller mounted in a scroll housing.

single inlet forward curve fan

Variable Pitch Fans

Axial fans with changeable impeller blades are known as variable-pitch industrial fans and are designed to work in various fan applications. The fan's construction permits adjusting the blade angle even when rotating the rotor. Single-stage and double-stage variations of variable pitch fans are available; single-stage fans have just one propeller, while double-stage fans have two. In a variable pitch fan, the hub spring, diaphragm, blade shafts, rotary air joint, and valve positioner vary the pitch.

van axial adjustable pitch fan

Industrial Cooling Fans

Industrial cooling fans are constructed from stronger, heavier materials. They are made to keep people and machinery cool during industrial operations. The main issue and justification for using cooling fans are to lessen any potential stress on workers exposed to hot environments. They are an axial type of fan that can move sizable volumes of air for a spot or general cooling at building sites, storage facilities, and manufacturing facilities. Industrial cooling fans operate on high air volume and low speed to deliver cool air continuously.

industrial cooling fan

Paddle Wheel Fans

The paddle-wheel fan is versatile for material handling and high-temperature applications. They can effectively handle the demands of high-pressure applications thanks to their heavy, deep radial blades and compact housing. The blades extend perpendicular to the direction of the wheel's rotation and are uniformly spaced.

Radial Tipped Fans

Due to the quick movement of dust and particulate matter, radial tipped fans operate with static efficiency and do not accumulate material on the impeller. They are appropriate for high-volume airflow at moderate to high pressure because of their robust design. They frequently work with cyclones, scrubbers, and baghouse dust collectors.

Applications of Industrial Fans

  • Since physical activity takes place on equipment or flooring, most gyms have limited floor space to accommodate fans on their floors. As a result, gymnasium's industrial fans are wall mounted, giving them more flexibility and the ability to fit the gym's layout. They are positioned carefully to provide adequate circulation in the available space. Gym fans are well placed, for this reason, preventing athletes from feeling uncomfortable. The size of the room is a crucial consideration when installing an industrial fan in a gym. The best choice is typically several small-volume fans.
  • Chemical industry operations involve the handling and use of potentially dangerous and explosive products and substances, which call for appropriate and secure storage. Sufficient and proper ventilation, provided by specially made industrial fans, is a crucial component of their storage. Industrial fans are strategically placed to keep chemicals cold and prevent the development of dangerous vapors.
  • Industrial fans for the oil and gas sector are built to function under the most demanding circumstances. They have welded flanges and components that resist corrosion, abrasion, moisture, and other potentially hazardous atmospheric elements. They are built of incredibly robust materials. Oil and gas industry fans go through a coating procedure for added protection.
  • Various processing fans that can work in high-temperature applications and resist abrasion and dust accumulation are needed for cement manufacturing. Pre-heater exhaust, kiln-induced draught, raw mill exhaust, cooler, forced draught, and mill exhaust fans are used in the cement industry.
  • The forced draft, induced draft, and dust control fans used in the power generation industry must operate at extremely high temperatures. Therefore, heat-resistant paints and coatings are applied during the construction of power generation industry fans, and special bearings are also used. In addition, such fans are built with self-cleaning impellers due to the particulate level in the air stream from power-producing plants.

Choosing the Right Industrial Fans Manufacturer

To make sure you have the most beneficial outcome when purchasing Industrial Fans from an Industrial Fans Supplier, it is important to compare at least 5 Manufacturers using our list of Industrial Fans companies. Each Industrial Fans Manufacturer has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each Industrial Fans business website using our patented website previewer to get an idea of what each company specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Industrial Fans companies with the same message.

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