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Bradenton, FL

Plastec Ventilation, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of SEAT Ventilation, located in Verniolle, France. We offer durable, cost effective, and low noise industrial blowers. PLASTEC exhaust systems are currently distributed in 70 countries and across 5 continents. Our extensive experience in the field of fume extraction systems means we can help find the best solution for your needs. We offer high quality corrosion resistant polypropylene fans and blowers dedicated to the needs of the industry. Polypropylene (and Stainless Steel) fans are most often installed in aggressive environments where even metal and FRP fans with epoxy coatings, will fail. For this reason, our products are found in applications such as laboratories, water/waste water treatment plants, hospitals, educational institutions, and the chemical industry. Our commitment to deliver fast and reliable service is important. As a result, we maintain a large inventory of standard models to meet any time sensitive requirements. Plastec Ventilation, Inc. products are recognized around the world for their unique design and high level of performance. Furthermore, the safety they provide is vital for many situations. Contact us today to discuss our ventilation systems!

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